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The UK Fans Trust was launched out of a belief that everyone should have equal access to tickets for events, rather than a few wealthy or connected individuals. 


As it stands too much power remains with the event organisers who often hold back tickets from the public. Tickets end up with corporate sponsors rather than us, the fans.


I have been a live music fan all my life, but after failing time and time again to get tickets online to some of my favourite artist’s shows I have decided to use my experience as an environmental media campaigner to take action. 


UK Fans Trust has been developed so that people like you and I can learn more about what is actually going on, and so that fellow music and sports fans can keep each other aware of scams, fake ‘sell outs,’ and other lies that exist today about why it is so hard to get tickets to top shows. 


If you want to share your story with UK Fans Trust, please email us at or post on our Facebook and Twitter. 

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