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Ever find yourself frustrated with the fact that you can’t ever seem to get a ticket for your favourite artist or sports team when they go on sale?  Have you ever wondered why it was so difficult, even if you joined the queue at the exact second they went onsale? Or why there end up being lots of empty seats at a concert that “sold out” in minutes?  We did too.


What we've learned will surprise you. There are countless stories out there. And not only is it difficult to buy tickets, but it’s also a challenge to re-sell these tickets should you be unable to attend an event.


We started this group to educate consumers about the scams, fake “sell outs” and other unfair practices that they are unknowingly exposed to. We are advocating for equal access for purchase and the ability to resell or give tickets away in a fair market. 

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Fans should have equal access to tickets. You should not have to be a well-connected insider or royalty to attend an event. Event organisers should not be allowed to limit the number of tickets made available to the general public.


When we as fans buy tickets, if we choose, we have the right to re-sell the ticket.  Once purchased, it's our property.  


When we have valid tickets, no one should refuse our entry to events and force us to buy new tickets.  


When purchasing tickets, we should know the details of events, the price, and the fees associated with the tickets. We deserve to know when tickets go on sale and how many are open to the public.



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